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Call us today to find out how your child can reach their potential in Maths, English and Science. Fully Qualified teachers from £12.50 per hour.
Maths, English, Science, 11+
With prices starting from only £12.50 per hour, tuition is now affordable to most parents
Tuition Fee Reduction
Outstanding tuition for pupils aged 6-16
Fee Reduction
Tuition Fee Reduction

Tuition Fee Reduction

Tuition Fee Reduction

As we are OFSTED registered, we are now able to take Childcare Vouchers and parents getting Working Family Tax Credits can get some of their cost of tuition covered by the childcare element of Tax Credits. Our OFSTED registration details are:

Childcare provider name: Coventry Academy Tuition

OFSTED registration Unique Reference Number (URN): RP539132

Childcare provider address: Sidney Stringer Academy, 2 Primrose Hill Street, Coventry, CV1 5LY

Childcare Vouchers

The advantage of paying with childcare vouchers is your employer will allow you to not pay Tax or Ni on the amount of the vouchers saving some parents around 25% while higher tax payers can save about 45%. To pay with childcare vouchers you will need to do the following:

1. Contact your employer and ask if they offer Childcare Vouchers and then join their scheme

2. Tell us who you childcare voucher provider is by email

3. On your childcare provider website, login and pay us using your childcare voucher every month on the first of each month.

Child Tax Credits

If you are getting Working Family Tax Credits then you can get up to 70% of the costs towards childcare paid for, from the childcare element of Tax Credits. To see if you are eligible and information on how to apply visit https://www.gov.uk/childcare-tax-credits. You will need to ring 0345 300 3900 to claim.

Coventry Academy Tuition is 'government approved' as we are registered with OFSTED and you need to say that we are providing childcare for your children while you are at work. Our OFSTED childcare provider, Unique Reference Number (URN) is RP539132.

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Tuition Academy

Sidney Stringer Academy
T: 02476 070 095
E: enquiries@CoventryTuition.org
Regional Tuition Centres

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Wembley (London) 0207 175 7732
Coventry 0247 607 0095
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